Water Treatment in Photographs

Water enters through a screened pipe located deep underwater in Long Pond.

It then travels more than half a mile through a pipeline along this path in the woods

to the treatment plant on Punkinville Road.

The piping in the plant is color-coded and named (raw water, filtered water, backwash water).

The turbidity of the raw water is measured and recorded.

pH adjustment is made and coagulant added to prepare the water for filtration.

Water is filtered through a tank

operated through the above control panel.

Chlorine is added to the water after filtration.

Treated water is pumped to an in-house storage tank (blue pumps). Backwash water is pumped to an outside drying bed (tan pumps).

Chlorine residual, pH, and turbidity in the treated water are measured and recorded.

Water is then piped from the storage tank at the plant to storage in a s tandpipe located at the highest altitude in Sorrento.

Solar panels supply the power to measure the water level in the standpipe and transmit this information through short wave radio to the SCADA system at the plant.

The SCADA system takes real time data about turbidity, chlorination, water levels, and so on from the monitors in the plant and at the standpipe, and displays them on the computer. The operator can then adjust treatment as necessary using computer controls. The operator is even able to access the SCADA system on his cell phone when he is not at the plant.